Young Alchemist

Hello, Lovelies,

This outfit is inspired by my all time favorite series and creation in the whole wide world, Fullmetal Alchemist. The main focus of this look is my Fma (Fullmetal Alchemist) t-shirt. Then, of course, I have on some cat tights because Alphonse loves his cats. Now let’s get a full detailed look at my outfit! It’s just so cute and cozy for the fall and really shows my style and interests in one.

Outfit details and links are always at the bottom of the post.




Some of these photos came out blurry due to editing malfunctions but you can still see the outfit and enjoy it! And of course, I have it posted on my Instagram @jaiden_dainae be sure to follow that so see regualr outfit posts and updates. Like most of my outfits this one is all black with pops of colour that compliment my hair. I went for a mixing fabrics style outfit just because I adore the mixing of fabrics together in outfits and I just love adding a twist on my outfits.





45011821_373808506495403_564492104378613760_n (1)






T-Shirt – Nerdblock

Skirt – BlueNotes

Tights – Hot Topic

Shoes – Ardene

Hat – Roots

Jacket –

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