Changes Are Coming..

Hello my lovely readers!

It’s been awhile. But I have a good reason promise! Big changes are coming very soon, I am so excited to share these with you all but it will take some time to fully prepare and set everything up but I can assure you I have been working hard on these for the past few months.

You see I just graduated highschool and will be moving from my home in Ontario to British Columbia Vancouver mid September. This is all very important for the changes I have in the works. My whole website will be getting a makeover and lots of new additions to it! I have so many great ideas and plans I want to tell you right now but I will leave it a secret until the moment is perfect. My website will be under construction for a few months. I plan to get things running by 2020 hopefully earlier and the real fun starts when I move but half of it will be set up way before then. Bare with me well I do my best to get my website up and running with all of the fashionable advice and tips I have in store for you!

Until then I highly reccomend you keep up with me on my social platforms as I might be posting updates there and just so you can see what I am up too with my daily life even though it is a very busy few months for me with work, college prep, moving plans, bank appointments, and of course setting up my site. But I am very excited to get my website the best it can be for everyone! I love you all and see you very soon!



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