Grounding Yourself

Hello lovely souls,

Today I will be discussing some of my favourtie ways to ground yourself and calm your mind, body, and soul. Whether you struggle with mental health or are just having a rough day, these techniques will help ease your mind and help you feel connected with the world around you. These are techniques I find very helpful, and hopefully, they will help you, especially during these uncertain times. Remember, you can ground yourself anytime at any place; you do not have to be experiencing a hard time. You can do these anytime you want to feel peaceful and present in the world, it is always good to check in with yourself daily to make sure you are doing your best and to find ways to feel at ease, now take a breath and enjoy.

5-4-3-2-1 Method

We will start off with my personal favourite method which I like to call “5-4-3-2-1” This one is my favourite since it uses all your senses, I find it to be the most effective even during those really bad panic attacks since it brings you back to reality and you get full awareness of the world around you. Here is an image that explains how this works.

Why this is effective: It gives you full awareness of your senses and what’s around, it helps you stay alert and brings your focus back to reality. Sometimes during panic you lose sight of the real world and get stuck in a never ending tunnel of thoughts and worries, in serious cases you can even loose touch with yourself. It is important to get yourself back into reality and know you’re okay and present in the world.

Dropping The Anchor

Now it’s time to drop the anchor with the simple three step process called ACE. Dropping The Anchor is another great exercise that you can repeat multiple times, it helps you acknowledge your feelings, connect with your body and feel the world. Below is another image that has the full detail explaining it.

Why is this effective: It’s short and simple, easy to remember and can be done multiple times. Once again it activates your senses but also lets you acknowledge your feelings which is so important as you need to fully embrace how you feel in order to overcome whatever it is that may be troubling you, then it lets you stay grounded by connecting back to reality.


An obvious one but it’s obvious for a reason, it works. Find a quite place and sit in the silence, breath and focus on your breath. Breathing from the stomach and never the chest, soft slow breaths, keeping your eyes closed, hands on your stomach and feel your body fill with that fresh calming air and feel it leave in a gentle flow. You can put on a guided mediation there are many on spotifity, YouTube or apps such as head space and calm.

Free Online Meditation & Mindfulness Course | DHARANA PHUKET

Why is it effective : You get to clear your negative thoughts and visualize a calm and relaxing environment, you have control over yourself once again and focusing on your breath helps control that rapid breathing and give you a sense of relief.

Going On A Walk

The power of a simple walk does wonders for your physical and mental health. You feel connected to the world once again, feel the ground beneath your feet with every step you take, listen to the birds or cars outside, feel the wind or sun on your skin. Let go of all your troubles and simply just walk, it could be around the block or in a park it doesn’t matter where you go just find that peace within yourself and clear those thoughts and enjoy it.

Yes, It's (Probably) Safe to Keep Going on Walks Outside

Why is it effective: Your mind will be at ease feeling the sensations of your earth beneath your feet with every step you take, your senses are active once again with the sounds and feelings around you.

Meditation as Medicine: It's Not What You Think | Psychology Today

I sincerely hope you find these techniques useful. Keep in mind they don’t work for everyone these are just what works for me, everyone is different and that is okay embrace it! I hope you can calm your mind and feel connected to reality. If you are having a hard time just breath and do your best to settle that mind, other quick tricks I can suggest are slowly counting backwards from 100, doing yoga, going for a jog, or listening/playing music.

I wish you the best today and everyday, remember to spread good vibes and posititvity wherever you go!

xoxo Jaiden

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