MeeT Gastown

Vancouver is a great place for vegans with the many shops and restaurants. For my 19th birthday this year, my friends and I went out for dinner at a restaurant in Gastown called “MeeT” This is an all-vegan restaurant located on water street in Gastown BC. MeeT has many choices of food mostly comfort foods and that vegan twist on Canadian classics (poutine and mac n cheese anyone?) Upon first arriving I felt the excellent mellow vibes in the air, the staff were very polite, and service was spot on! The restaurant is half indoors, and half outside, my friends and I were seated in a booth inside the restaurant.

MeeT has that welcoming and cool hipster vibe us vegans live for. From unique and aesthetically pleasing decor, plants, and chalkboards hanging from every corner, you will feel nice and cozy well waiting for your meals, speaking of the meals you might be wondering what I ordered. It was a hard to decide what I wanted since everything sounded so good, did I want a classic burger and fries? Maybe poutine? The choices were all too good! But I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try something I have always wanted to try in my life…

Butter Chicken, or as they call it Butter Chinnkin. Now, why did I decided on this meal? You can get a veggie burger anywhere nowadays, salads are too common for me, and poutine isn’t my thing. Plus, with my allergies to most foods, I couldn’t try the mac n cheese or half the stuff on the menu, which is unfortunate. However, I have always wondered what butter chick tasted like, and I never had it before I was vegan. This Butter Chicknnin was served over brown rice, with a piece of thin bread and a side salad topped off with cilantro.

Overall the meal was delicious and quite filling! I managed to finish it but never touched the salad as I was stuffed. The rice was perfect, and the chicken tasted real! (well as real as I remember real chicken tasting it’s been like six years since I last had it) Unlike most vegan fake meats which have that sawdust taste them or are all rubbery and nasty, this one was tender and even juicy! The sauce was flavourful, and everything just mixed so well together.

After dinner, my friends and I walked to the steam clock, which is about a block or two away from the restaurant. We posed for a photo to remember my birthday dinner fondly, even though it was raining we had a great time and definitely recommend MeeT Gastown. The customer service was friendly and efficient, the meals were ready super-fast, the presentation was excellent, and the food was terrific.

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