Denim Causes Distress!

With the way the world is and how passionate I am about the environment and protecting our planet, I want to share what I have learned about denim and how it hurts the world, as well as some upcycling ideas for your old denim.

Did you know denim is one if not the worst textile around? Keep reading.

People everywhere are upcycling their clothing, and you should too! The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world and people everywhere are taking that into account. Transforming old clothing into unique has been a growing trend in recent years. More specifically, we should upcycle our denim garments as denim uses 2,000 gallons of water for just one pair of jeans! The younger generation is fully aware of the issue and teens everywhere are working towards a more sustainable future. If you’re interested in learning about more ways to re-purpose your old denim garments keep reading.

Denim Skirt I gave life into by making it a purse

You most likely have owned a pair of jeans in your life, and whether you’ve outgrown them or they’re falling apart do not, I repeat DO NOT, throw them out! Denim is not biodegradable, but there are ways to reuse the fabric. If you have a pair of old jeans that you can’t seem to give life back to, it’s time to turn them into something new! You could turn them into a purse, shorts, skirt, or cut up the fabric for patches. There are so many uses for denim that reduce the impact on the planet.

GUESS Denim Recycling Campaign (PRNewsFoto/GUESS?, Inc.)

This is an excellent opportunity to learn some new skills and get creative! Try adding cuts to the garments and giving it that distressed look. You could add patches of old fabric to it, and reuse any scraps of material you may have laying around. Another idea is to add some embroidery or dye the fabric with vegetable-based dyes with minimal environmental impact.

Big old denim jacket I turned into a trendy cropped jacket with embroidery details.

Denim has a greater impact on the planet than any other textile. It is important that we limit the amount we produce and try not to buy new. Where possible, purchase your denim second-hand and use it for it’s entire lifespan. Denim never goes out of style and tears or patches add character. When you’re done with the garment it can be resold, upcycled or repurposed.

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The more people that upcycle old clothing, especially denim, the lower the impact on the planet. We need to encourage more people to be creative and think twice before throwing clothes away. The earth and the future need us to be more conscious and thoughtful when it comes to our clothing choices. Please think twice before buying clothing new and think of creative ways to reuse and upcycle it at thee end of its life.

-This Post was originally written by me for my school’s fashion blog club I run but I also wanted to share it here as it’s an important message.

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