Summer Outfits + Styling Tips! 2020

Summer is a tricky season for fashion, in my opinion. It is not easy to style outfits that won’t make you sweat in the heat, or when you do have a “cooling” outfit, the weather will suddenly get very chilly at night, which is one of the reasons why summer is not my ideal season. However, I do have a keen eye for style and working around the weather, which brings me to my top summer outfits I wore this year plus a few of my styling tips sprinkled in along the way.

(There is a video of the outfits and links to buy them at the end of this post!)

My first outfit here is for a more chilly summer day, and the jeans add that protection from wind wheres my top is lightweight and breathable for when it does get a bit humid. I love this shirt from Shein as it puts a twist on your basic white tank top being off the shoulder and having that cute tie at the sides.

This next outfit is perfect for a hot day! This outfit is all purple, and I brought out the white in my skirt through accessories, such as my belt and purse. An essential styling tip I love is using all one colour, then adding pops of the accent colour on one of the garments; it certainly helps tie everything together, and the majority of my outfits I style this way.

This outfit is my beach day look! Underneath it is my swimsuit, and I love wearing denim shorts to the beach; it just gives me that bonfire music festival feeling I love so much. My off the shoulder top is also a lightweight and breathable material that is perfect for putting over a wet swimsuit without weighing you down. It’s so simple and great for getting ice cream after a long day on the beach.

All black is not ideal for a hot day, but this mini skirt and crop top combo are so cute and again lightweight that the sun won’t be bothering me too much! There is nothing I love more than pairing crop tops with mini skirts; it just makes me feel so put together and stylish.

Finishing things off with a slightly edgy outfit. Ripped jeans are lovely for a windy summer day and pairing them with a chain belt, but the feminine top still gives me that soft and girly look even though the belt and boots scream tough gal. Mixing delicate and statement pieces together work wonders in creating a unique look that’s totally you!

If you are wondering where to buy these pieces and how the fabric moves on the body, I have a video on my YouTube channel below here so you can see for yourself! I hope you enjoy it and remember to be yourself and enjoy fashion!

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