Dear 2021, Thank You.

Dear 2021,

Thank you for all you have taught me, from the good to the bad I am grateful for all the lessons I learned this past year.

You started off rough, but that has helped strengthen me as a person. There were points when I thought giving up was the only way out but I kept pushing forward when I fell you brought people to pick me back up. I became so close with my friends and have gained more confidence in myself than I have ever had before, although I am still struggling I can see the light ahead of me that pushes me to move forward.

I still have many negative thoughts and perceptions of myself, I still wake up some days and feel sick looking at the girl in the mirror who doesn’t fit societies norms, “I hate the way I look, I’ll never be enough, everyone hates me” Yet you have given me people who will counter those thoughts in a healthy way “You’re strong, you work hard, you do so much, we love you”.

You’re strong, you work hard, you do so much, we love you”.

The start of the year was pretty tough, you showed me what it’s like to have heartbreak, rejection, relapse, addiction, failure, and so much more. But as the year went on you showed me support, love, passion and new experiences! I am so glad to have such a strong support system all thanks to the things I experienced this year.

support, love, passion and new experiences!

I made some of the best memories this year and I am so grateful for that, in between the long late nights of working overtime, not having days off for weeks and at one points months at a time, meeting deadlines, financial issues, mental health lows and school I still somehow managed to spend time with people I love and was supported through all the hardships, from my coworkers leaving wholesome messages in my notebooks as reminders of how much they care about me, the weekends I’d spend drinking with friends, the late-night video game tournaments, to the quiet nights alone in my apartment writing and playing music on my guitar. It’s those moments I will cherish forever and look back on fondly.

one of the notes from my coworkers ❤

I can say that I am proud of myself for all the things I accomplished and did this year, from being promoted twice (assistant manager than full-time manager at my job!), making my own choices *the good and bad*, the things I’ve created from dresses to music, learning from my mistakes/actions, and most importantly not giving up on myself.

most importantly not giving up on myself.

Thank you 2021 for teaching me so many lessons about growth and self-love. I will continue to strive to be my best self, I will do my best to not obsess over what other people think of me and whenever I get stuck in that negative headspace I will try to focus on the moment and appreciate everything good life has provided me, I will be more gentle with myself and ask for help when I need it.

Thank you 2021 for everything nad I look forward to meeting you 2022.

xoxo Jaiden

Watch me reflect on 2021 in my latest YouTube video below

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