My Favourite Crystals And Their Properties

As I am writing this tonight is a full-moon which is the best time to charge your crystals! Although I must admit that I don’t necessarily believe they are ‘magic’ and will ‘heal’ however I do believe in their energy and the benefits they provide for our well-being’s, I like the idea of having a little shiny piece of hope on my apartment’s windowsill.

My honest view on crystals is that they do carry energy just like everything does, it is a stronger energy powered by earth and like most things created by nature does provide us with a calming sensation well grounding ourselves and reconnecting with nature. Scientists have proven that crystals carry electricity and do provide benefits when used in skincare products and even technology.

Let’s take a look at my favourite crystals and what their properties are and how to incorporate them into our daily lives and routines.


My person favourite of all the gemstones and geodes out there not only because of its pretty exterior but the properties and benefits this stone provides are the most beneficial for day to day lives and spiritual development as well as self assurance, amethysts are known to help ease stress and anxiety well reducing and providing you with a more calm and relaxed feeling. They are known to help with It’s by far one of the most powerful stones with a strong energy they help alleviate sadness/grief, and activate spiritual awareness. just remember crystals aren’t magic they won’t work unless you work, they’re more of a guide to help you reconnect and ground yourself and they are not a doctor nor a medical tool so they will not heal you psychically or emotionally they can only support you and provide reassurance through energy.

Clear Quartz

A clear crystal you can see through, I adore clear quartz as it’s so simple yet so beautiful. This crystals provides cleansing energy and gives you a positive boost and helps you make your dreams a reality. Clear Quartz provides you with clarity and aids in manifestation, truly a staple crystal to have in your life.

Rose Quartz

Known as the “heart crystal” and “romantic crystal” Rose Quartz is pretty soft pink that has a warm and loving energy, it helps with personal relationships and even self love. This crystal provides such a warm feeling and will remind you of the people you love and guide you to share that love with you and everyone around you. This crystal connects with your heart charka and will aid in emotional healing i.e heart break, self hate, etc. It will bring those warm fuzzing feelings of love and joy into your life! Bonus it’s used in beauty supplies too and works wonders in skincare!

Green Aventurine

Need a boost of confidence or luck? The green aventurine is such an exciting and energy boosting stone! Known for providing people with “good luck” also called it the “Stone of Opportunity” it spreads confidence and embraces change. It aids in controlling emotional anger, irritation and nerves well helping with a good night’s sleep. It is highly beneficial for fighting eczema, rosacea, juvenile acne, and other skin problems too!

Those were defiantly my top four crystals although a few honorable mentions would be, Citrine (provides optimism), Orange Calcite (Creativity), Sapphire (brings prosperity) Tiger’s Eye (Courage) Jasper (Empowerment) and turquoise (grounding). Hopefully you learned a little bit more about these lovely gems today, please take this article with a grain of salt as some people believe very strongly in crystals and some not at all, then there’s people like me who are in the middle and mostly like them for their looks but do see and understand the energy that they provide. I am a firm believer in nature and the energy around us and do notice a difference when I focus on crystals and incorporate them into my life verses the days I don’t, using them and seeing them just provides me with a sense of clarity and does help bring me back to reality, connect with the world around me well gently pushing me through the harder days.

Do you have a favourite crystal? Maybe you don’t believe in their energy? Regardless I would love to read your thoughts in the comments!

xoxo Jaiden

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