Understanding Moon Phases

The moon is a powerful energy that for many centuries people believed it affected the human mind, now there is no evidence of this entirely and scientists have done various studies on the topic but the results are always mixed making it hard to determine how the moon affects us. However, my astrology obsessed brain likes to believe that the moon does in fact carry an energy that helps guide us in the right direction if we really put the work into it and connect with her.

Now the moon has 8 main phases that I will break down for you, each of these phases will play a part in your inner and spiritual growth and help guide you in the right direction to help bring you balance and fulfillment in your day-to-day life, I also did some research on how the moon will affect different zodiac signs as it circles around all 12 of them throughout the months as each moon zodiac has a different type of energy but, we can save that for another article.

Just like the name states new moon means new beginnings! The new moon is the perfect time to plan goals and focus on starting something new. The first 48 hours of a new moon are when the energy and motivation are at the strongest point so write down your goals and start putting those thoughts into action, writing down your intentions and goals and putting the work in to accomplish them is all it takes!


  • Divination (Tarot cards, mediation, runes, etc)
  • Self-care
  • Journaling
  • Making a vision board/list of goals

Waxing Crescent Moon

The perfect time for planning on how you will accomplish your goals! the more moonlight we can see, the more lunar energy is being projected out towards the earth. It’s the best time to visualize your intentions and really think about how to make them a reality.


  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Affirmations
  • Get outside in nature/moon light

First Quarter Moon

Time to take action on your goals and intentions! It’s time to grow and get out there, being more social, seeing people, getting outside, and pushing yourself to achieve whatever your heart desires. This moon phase is great for inner growth if you put the effort in to see yourself and goals in a fresh headspace.


  • Spending time with friends
  • Work events/meetings
  • Social activity
  • Creativity
  • Growth/Strength

Waxing Gibbous Moon

he Waxing Gibbous moon is the last phase before the full moon so energy will be much stronger during this phase, it’s time to finish up on projects and get that final push or finishing touch on your latest projects completed and taking care of your physical and mental health.


  • Good health
  • Finishing projects and tasks
  • Edit and refine
  • Success
  • Reflection: Evaluate what has gone well and what areas need to change or improve.

Full moon

The full moon usually lasts for about three days in total so you have lots of time to partake in various tasks while your energy is at the highest and many emotions may come up, it’s a good time to focus on cleansing and clearing your mind and body from any negative energy you might have.


  • Charging crystals
  • Making moon water
  • Healing/Clarity
  • Making wishes
  • Divination
  • Taking a full moon bath

Waning Gibbous Moon

After the strong energy from the full moon the waning gibbous moon will start to drain your energy, you may experience low energy levels, feel tired, negative emotions may rise so it’s a good time to start focusing on your mental health and wellbeing.


  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Clearing enegery
  • Nurturement
  • Release and receive
  • Banishing/Protection

Last Quarter Moon

This phase is a good time for letting go, release your negative emotions, cut ties with toxic people, make yourself a priority and find that clarity.


  • Breaking bad habits
  • Cleaning and decluttering
  • Cleansing or smudging
  • Letting go/Release
  • Cutting loose ends

Waning Crescent Moon

Now it’s time to slow down for the waning crescent moon, energies are still low. It’s time to relax and pay attention to messages and potential signs. Let yourself feel your emotions and find mindful ways to release those feelings and reflecting on all you’re grateful for and look forward to.


  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Planning your next steps for the new moon
  • Rest
  • Balance
  • Reflection

That concludes the eight major moon phases and some actives you can do! Hopefully this helped you understand the various moon cycles and gave you some ideas on how they may affect you and ways you can work with her energy, the moon is truly a magickal source and following the moon phases will help you connect with yourself and the universe. Each phase will open your eyes up about your life, goals, emotions, etc, it’s lots of fun too seeing how each person reacts to the moon’s energy and once you understand how it all works it opens the doors up to so many good practices you can do in your day-to-day to life to help strength your intuition and mind.

Xoxo Jaiden

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